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‘Search’ is an integral part in the life of a person. Every person is in search of something in his life - sometimes in search of person & new places or sometimes search of essential things which continues over time. In this the most important part played by the nature.

(in the era nature plays an important role for this we are developing “Kokan search” the worlds first search engine.)

For this “Kokan Search” the kokan’s 1st search engine which avails us lot of thing, information, anytime, anywhere of unexplored natural beauty Konkan.

Kokan - Kokan means historical, cultural, & natural beauty of Maharashtra – a place with blessing of the nature - Seashore on all the sides, geenery, coconuts trees, Mangoes, Cashew nuts, Kokam, Beetle nuts, Papaya, Pumpkin and many fruits, leafy vegetables which is considered as Gold in the earth of Kokan.

There are excellent varieties of fish, testy recipes of kokan. Besides, the historic forts, Old Temples, Waterfall, Wall protection in the sea, high hills, attractive curve ghat etc. attract a people – Particularly the the tourist’s & fall in love with people from kokan. Just like nature of kokan, kokani peoples have blessing of humanity. This kokani people love the nature. They have established by doing Agricultural business, fishing, small scale industries,touring etc. & thus indulging themselves in many fields. Inspite of this , due to certain unforseen circumstances they have not been able to do progress.

However, it by considering the need of the time, it is necessary that the medium of technology and internet, should be use to explore the kokan culture, tourist spots, small and big business in Kokan and industries, ‘Kokan Mewa’ and its products should get world market and consequently Kokan should become financially strong. Now with the help of “Kokan Search“ it will be first step towards progress of Kokan.

For everyone anytime…..

It is very important that culture of Kokan should be brought before the world for the purpose of all round progress of Kokan. “Kokan Search” is going to introduce festivals like Ganeshotsav, Shimga, Dashavtari, Bhajans, Jatra which are common for all.

In case you feel like eating Ukdiche Modak, Coconut vadi, Solkadhi (Kokam kadi, Mutton & Kombdi Vade, Fish curry, Zunka Bhakri, & genuine Kokani food or if you need the necessity for local Police station, Electrician, Plumber, Hospital, Medical facilities, Petrol pump, Hotels, Mechanic, Tyre Puncturewala, also you can easily search school, colleges, classes, Social organization details, or felt the need for persons of utmost need or things, services & their phone numbers are available easily through ‘Kokan Search’. Use your Mobile and enjoy the unexplored Kokan.

Kokan tourism has become an important means of daily earning. It is however necessary to do certain things for growth of tourism planning. From that point of view ‘Kokan Search’ is taking efforts for Tourism business development.

With these opportunity of “Kokan Search” today’s youth in Kokan has got means of livehood & this is the most important step in the process of progress.


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