Bankot Fort Bankot Fort Bankot Fort Bankot Fort Bankot Fort Bankot Fort
Bankot is a town in India. It was made part of the Bombay Presidency in 1756.

Its most famous structure is Bankot Fort (pictured). This was the first residency of the British Raj in Southern Konkan.

The name Bankot is derived from "Bavanna Kot" a Marathi phrase meaning fifty-two forts. Shivaji Maharaj captured this tiny fort and added it to Swarajya, which was the fifty second fort and hence the name "Ban Kot". It is a coastal area on the Arabian Sea with attractive beaches.

Bankot is a nice place to visit in any season

The temperatures range from a minimum of 20°C and can go up to around the 34°C mark. Heavy rain & thunderstorms can be expected in monsoon season.

Places to see nearby :

There is a Ganesh temple at the base of the fort. The fort is surrounded by moats dug up in the red laterite. The main entrance faces north and is decorated with stone carvings. Near the entrance are vestibules for gate keepers. In the vestibule on right side there are 6 water tanks. Going ahead we come across Nagarkhana, where we find decorative steps to ascend it. From here we can have a glimpse of Savitri River and the surrounding region. To walk on the ramparts, there are stairs from eastern and western side. From the western doorway we can go the bastion outside the ramparts. Here we find a deep well and a room for the patrolling soldiers. There is a secret entrance near this bastion. This bastion lies on the way from Bankot to Velas, and was built by Siddis to strengthen Bankot fort.