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Savdav Waterfall, Kankavli - सावडाव धबधबा सिंधुदुर्ग , कणकवली

There is an alluring water Fall at a village named Savadav in Kankavli Taluka. Being safe for swimming, it is crowded with touris..

Redi Ganpati Temple, Vengurla

Redi is a quaint little coastal village that belongs to the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Originally known as Redipattanam, Redi is located v..

Sindhudurg Fort - Malvan

Sindhudurg Fort
Sindhudurg Fort - Shivaji maharaj personally selected the site for the fort. The construction of a sea fort is a stupendous tas..

Vetoba Temple, Aravali Vengurla

Vetoba Temple of Aravali is one of the most famous 'jagrut' (Lord who fulfills the wishes of devotees) temples in Vengurle taluka of Sindhudur..

Laxmi Narayan temple - Walwal , Kudal

Laxmi Narayan temple, just 15kms away from Kudal (a tehsil town on NH17) is finest example of Hemandpanthi style of temple architecture. Surrounded by..

पुर्णानंद स्वामी मठ - दाभोली , वेंगुर्ला | Purnanand Swami Math - Dabholi , Vengurla

पुर्णानंद स्वामी मठ दाभोली हे वेंगुर्ला तालुक्यातील निसर्ग रमणीय गाव असून, संतांची पुण्यभूमी म्हणून ओळखले जाते . गावाच्या मध्यभागी श्रीमत पुर्णानंद स्..