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Ratnagiri - Ratnagiri ,Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is a Village in Ratnagiri Taluka in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra

Hotel Aryan

Snacks lunch Chinese Food

Balasaheb Pandurang Nakate : +91 9766471607

Hotel Aryan OPP. Nagarpanchayat, Dapoli

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mauli caterers

providing catering and destination wedding service all over kokan as wel

vaibhav lalmbe : +91 9930365566

abhyudaya nagar, G.D.Ambekar, kalachowki

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परशुराम मंदिर ,चिपळूण

कोकण ! अप्रतिम निसर्ग सौंदर्याने नटलेला प्रदेश. कोकण प्रदेशाची निर्मितीच्या कथाही तेवढय़ाच रंजक. असं म्हणतात की कोकणाच्या भुप्रदेशाची निर्मिती परशुराम..

Rasalgad Fort , RASAL GADWADI

Rasalgad Fort Rasalgad Fort Rasalgad Fort Rasalgad Fort Rasalgad Fort Rasalgad Fort
The fort is located on southern tip of a hill range that sp..

Marleshwar Temple - Devrukh Ratnagiri

Marleshwar Temple is located in Marleshwar of Ratnagiri district. It is a cave temple and is circumvented with sacred grooves. The presiding deity is ..

Hedvi Dashbhuja Ganpati Temple, Guhagar Chiplun

This is an excellent temple. Name of this Ganesh is 'Dashbhuja Ganapati'. This 'Laxmi – Ganesh Temple' is not only ancient but a..

Rajapur Ganga , Rajapur

Rajapur Ganga, one of the nature’s wonder descends when She wants, stays as long as She wishes to, and disappears when She decides. It is believ..

Ladghar Beach , DAPOLI

Ladghar beach is a small stretch of beach seperated from Karde beach by a rocky stretch. The northern end of Ladghar is the rocky stretch with finer s..

Dabhol Beach , Dabhol Dapoli

Dabhol Beach - Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli tahashil. Vashishthi River flowing from Chiplun merges into the sea at Dabhol..